Professional Roofers

At Txlogix roofing, our roofers are career professionals who are true craftsmen. They work for us year-round with very little turnover. Every time a Txlogix employee arrives at your house, they will be in uniform with a company vehicle and trailer.


  • 100% Experienced employees
  • Career professionals
  • No subcontractors

Onsite Crew Leaders

Our every  project is managed by a dedicated Onsite Crew Leader from start to finish. We surpass the industry standard of one crew leader managing multiples crews and jobsites. So, you always have a consistent onsite point of contact to personally verify that every aspect of your experience and installation is top-notch.


  • Dedicated onsite Crew Leader
  • We surpass industry standards
  • Consistent point of contact for quality control


Our top priority with every roofing project is employee and customer safety. That’s why each and every crewmember is individually safety trained every two weeks, like clockwork. Our comprehensive program surpasses all Labor & Industries guidelines for jobsite safety and is strictly enforced for our – and your – peace of mind.


  • Safety is our priority
  • Every crewmember individually trained every 2 weeks
  • Our safety program surpasses L&I Job Safety Guidelines

Project Management

From start to finish, our goal is to guide you through the roofing process in the most professional and friendly way possible. Our scheduling coordinator will be your initial point of contact to determine the timing of your project. Then, a dedicated project manager will plan, coordinate and oversee your project from beginning to end, helping with anything you need along the way.


  • Expert guidance from start to finish
  • Clear points of contact for all services
  • Detailed project plan with consistent status updates


We know that you will appreciate the peace of mind that comes from knowing every Txlogix  project is installed the same way every single time, with no variation from one crew to another. Our quality manager continuously trains and works with our roofers to maintain and improve the “ Txlogix Signature Look”.


  • Best in the industry
  • Continuous quality control
  • “Our Signature Look”